Attention: If you suffer from brain fog, anxiety or depression and have been told your Thyroid Labs for NORMAL, this is for you...

Learn to read your Thyroid Labs in a way that provides REAL answers and...


Don’t give up, you have the answers and NOW you have a Functional Blood Work Specialist that will reveal the hidden truth in your labs.

Tuesday, August 6th, 2024, at 12pm PST

You aren’t making it up - you don’t feel well. But your labs are all ‘normal’... Or are they??

What "normal" Thyroid Labs tell us about the Brain

In this free workshop, you will also discover:

  • The 4 hidden keys that commonly trigger poor thyroid function.

  • Ways to improve your thyroid panel naturally

  • The ideal ranges of thyroid markers.

  • How your thyroid and brain go hand in hand.

We are getting started in...

“Learn the connection between the: BRAIN, THYROID and NORMAL LABS”

Attend our FREE LIVE Workshop on Zoom

Tuesday, August 6th, 2024, at 12pm PST

Limited Access Replay will be available. If you can’t attend live, be sure to still register to gain access to the secret link.

Meet your blood work specialist

Amy Dilena, DC, ACN, FDNP and Functional Bloodwork Specialist

With over 20 years of experience in the natural holistic health care field, I have honed my expertise to empower individuals in their health journey. As a functional blood work specialist and a certified practitioner in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Applied Clinical Nutrition, my focus has always been on the holistic wellbeing of my patients.

My approach is unique. I specialize in utilizing everyday 'normal' routine laboratory tests as a tool to uncover hidden imbalances in the body. By interpreting these tests through the lens of functional medicine, I am able to identify and address underlying issues that often go unnoticed in standard medical evaluations.

I believe that the path to healing lies in the synergy of nutrition and lifestyle habits. My goal is to help people heal naturally, using their body's own intelligence and capabilities. Through personalized nutrition plans and lifestyle adjustments, I guide my patients towards optimal health, enabling them to lead fulfilling and vibrant lives.

My passion lies in helping others achieve their health goals. My mission is to empower each individual with the knowledge and resources to take control of their health. And my obsession? Optimal health - not just as a concept, but as a practical, achievable state of being for everyone I work with.

Join me in this journey towards holistic health and wellness. Together, we can unlock the secrets your body holds and harness them for a healthier, happier you.

Is this you?

  • "I am frustrated and fed up. My blood work is normal, but I know something isn’t right and no one is listening to me."

  • "Brain fog is the only song on my playlist."

  • "I’ve been to functional medicine practitioners before and did not see results and have a cupboard of supplements to show for it."

  • "I'm tired of trying to manage my anxiety - I want to live my life to the fullest!"

  • "I feel like my doctors isn't hearing me or just brushing me off."

This workshop is for everyone who wants to really uncover what’s inside their ‘normal’ blood work

The Workshop Experience

  • Improve your Thyroid: Receive expert guidance on ways to improve your thyroid levels an promote optimal health.

  • Fuel your Brain: Understand the vital link between thyroid and brain health.

  • Read your Blood Work like a Specialist: Learn the tools to decode the mysteries of your thyroid panel and gain real answer about your health.


A few questions you may have...

Do I have to have a diagnosis from my doctor to benefit from this workshop?

Let your blood work tell you what’s behind your health concerns (diagnosis or not).

Do I need to have a medical background to understand what you will be covering?

No need for any sort of medical background needed to attend. In fact, this workshop is designed for those who don’t have any medical background at all.

Can't my doctor do this for me?

Sure! But the biggest advocate for your health is YOU! If you want to become the best person to read your own blood work, this is for you.

Can Amy read my bloodwork for me?

Amy Dilena does not interpret blood work to diagnose or treat a diagnosis. Nor does she teach you to read blood work this way. In her workshops you will learn how your blood work becomes a tool that helps you go from unhealthy to healthy.

This blood work training is for educational purposes only and should not replace any medical advice given. When a lab marker is out of range, appropriate care should be pursued.

All Sales Are Final. No Refunds. As with any health endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion. Therefore, you should NOT invest in this opportunity if you think you might want to refund it. Amy and her team are only interested in people who are honestly committed to their health and true healing. The unethical behavior of gaining all that is involved in this opportunity then asking for a refund is not accepted here. Once again, there are NO refunds for this opportunity.

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